January 1 Sandhurst/Yateley Day 1 Caches Found 3 Cumulative Total 3

January 1 Sandhurst/Yateley Day 1 Caches Found 3 Cumulative Total 3

There are many ways to find a cache. During the year we will explain each that we use and we start with two : Traditional and Multi-Cache.
The first, Traditional, is where a published set of co-ordinates takes you to the exact spot where the cache is hidden.

The second, Multi-Cache, is where the published set of co-ordinates takes you to a place where there is a supplementary clue(s). Using these clue(s) will yield the co-ordinates for the actual cache.
Our first successful cache of the year was a Multi-Cache (our first!). The first set of co-ordinates took us to St Michael and All Angels Church in Sandhurst. Using a phone number on the Welcome Board, we very quickly found a nano magnetic cache yards from the Church.
Nano caches are very small, not much bigger than a fingernail, and only contain a small rolled sheet of paper as a log. Once signed the log is re-rolled back into the cache – this is very fiddly!
Our second cache of the day was a traditional find, a micro cache (film canister size) . Sited on the outskirts of Yateley’s Sean Devereux Park, it was a fairly quick and easy find. We didn’t explore Sean Devereux Park (you can read about Sean Devereux here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sean_Devereux ) but the sporting facilities in the Park looked extensive.

Our third cache was in the middle of a small wood close to the B3732 on the outskirts of Yateley and was a large Tupperware container containing lots of small treasures. Two of the treasures were ‘trackables’ – where a previous cacher had sent a trackable item on a mission. We retrieved the trackables – but without internet access – were unable to find out their missions until we returned home.
So a good start to the New Year – one day gone, and three caches found… our quest was started!

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