January 5 California Country Park, Finchampstead Day 5 Caches Found 5 Cumulative Total 8

Hello, Mrs HG137 here. January 5th saw a geocaching trip to California Country Park. There were a few caches here, but more important was that the paths were likely to be well surfaced, which we thought would be good as there has been just a little bit of rain recently …
The first cache on our list was ‘Billy the Beaver was here …’ We arrived at what we thought was GZ, only to find a … wire fence; but it had been mentioned that GPS wasn’t perfect here. A bit of thinking, and a read through the description, led us to the real location. It was a nice new camo bag and a nice new box (a Christmas present?), but why was there a pair of new socks in there? We left behind the Greek Flag tag that we picked up on New Year’s Day.
Then we went on through the woods, round the lake, for a nice easy find at ‘Sam’s Treasure Box’, followed by a quick double back to ‘Up You Go’ . It was a tree climb. We looked at the climb for about – oh, 5 seconds – and then bottled the climb. It really didn’t look that easy; perhaps we’ll come back one day with a ladder and/or a rope!
We walked on a little way and then had a look for ‘Take a Card … Before you’re Too Old’ but we couldn’t find it. After a good look round we abandoned our efforts and moved on to ‘Think In the Box’. This was our first 4-star difficulty cache but, after a thorough read of the description, we found it. Without giving away too much, this was a really clever hide. We left behind the ‘Red Lady Famous Pirate’ tag, which is on its way twice round the world.
We walked on along a path through the woods to reach ‘Highway 89’ which was a nice easy find. On both the way there and back we were befriended by two beautiful cats, probably sisters, who wanted to come along with us.
Time was passing now, so we headed back to the car park, trying to get ‘EYE level ‘ on the way. The GPS did not help at all and we couldn’t find it, despite looking in, around, and under every likely tree in the target area.
As we’d had a couple of DNFs, we stopped briefly on the way home to find ‘Wonderful Warren Lane’, which was a nice easy cache on an old lane.
All in all, a reasonably successful morning, though a couple more caches would have been good – we don’t want to get behind our target when we’ve only just started.


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