January 19 Earth Cache, Day 19 Caches Found 1 Cumulative Total 30

Part 1…The Successful Find !
Up to now all the caches we had found had been “traditional” – where the co-ordinates took us to something tangible to find, or a multi-cache, where it was “traditional” process repeated until the end goal was reached.
Earth caches are different. Cachers navigate to a fixed spot in the landscape, which could be the top of a mountain or in our case near a river meander. Using our knowledge and some information listed in the cache description, we were able to email the cache placer our answers to specific questions proving we were at the appropriate point.
Nothing to collect, except kudos for correct answers which we did.
Correct answers = cache found = one more to our total !

Part 2 … The Unsuccessful Find !
One of the reasons we only attempted one cache there was 3 inches of snow on the ground – not the best conditions for walking or finding small containers. Then we saw a nearby cache on http://www.geocaching.com listed in Camberley, recently planted but never found!
One of the great achievements for cachers is to be the “First to Find” (FTF). We had a hasty lunch and departed to the destination. The cache was listed as “A Fine Pair” is part of a National Series where the cache is sited near a pair of Red Telephone Box and Red Post Box. Easy to locate… what could go wrong ?
The 3 inches of snow had covered the roadsign that the cache was behind. There was virgin snow laying around the snow… the cache must still be there. Twenty minutes later it was still unfound and we were very, very cold. Our attempt to be FTF turned into a DNF (Did Not Find !)
We informed the cache owners and they checked it out and discovered it had been moved. The owners also discovered the neighbours were not happy with the cache position so the cache owner had to relocate it.
So we got very cold for nothing!

A Fine Pair

A Fine Pair




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