January 25 First-to-Find Revisited!, Day 25 Caches Found 1 Cumulative Total 31

When caches go missing, the owners take responsibility for its replacement.

On January 19th, we failed to discover a missing cache. We alerted the cache owner who visited the area. As we mentioned in our previous blog entry, the neighbours weren’t too happy with the geocache positioning. The cache owner told us it was to be moved, and to watch out for its re-publication.

The re-publication occurred on 24th January in mid-afternoon. We decided that, if the cache was left unfound overnight, Mr Hg137 would try to find it early the following morning.

With some snow and ice on the ground, the cache was found near a roadside salt bin. (Not the one in the photo… see January 19th). The log in the cache was still unsigned… we were the first to find!
Easy to find, but hard to replace, as Mr HG137 had to wait 10 minutes to replace the cache without being seen by passers-by.

No photo this time, as we don’t want to give too much away !


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