We’ve planted a geo-cache!

Hg137 have planted a geo-cache !
As part of Mr HG137s Christmas present, he was given some basic equipment to make a geo-cache (notably a plastic container, a camouflage bag, a log book etc). The problem was … where to site the cache ?

Near to us is a small copse, Berry Bank Copse, generally not known about and unfrequented. This seemed a great location as one of the aims of geocaching is to encourage people to areas they don’t know about.
We searched for a suitable location in the copse , and thought this log and nearby root-holes were ideal. We approached Bracknell Forest Borough Council who granted us permission. We completed the online form to register a new cache….and then had the request rejected! Apparently we were too close to another cache (in a nearby supermarket car park).

Original place for our cache

We re-visited the site in Berry Bank Copse and found another location. This one was further from path, and deeper in undergrowth and rhododendron bushes. We re-sought Council permission, which was granted and we re-applied. The new site was granted geocache permission on 28 January mid-afternoon. The First people to find it were Chilli Pipers at 720 the following morning! Well done to them!

Contents of the cache


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