February 2nd 2013 – Windsor Great Park, Day 33, Caches Found 8 Cumulative Total 39

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here.

The first Saturday in February was bright and cold and a good morning to go caching. The venue this day was to be Windsor Great Park, and we downloaded a large selection of caches, so that we could find as many as possible. We had last visited the area three years ago, when we walked the Three Castles Path, which runs from Windsor to Winchester.




We parked at Bishopsgate (always best to get there early, it’s very popular) and set off into the park. Though it was bright and sunny, there was a keen wind and it was squelchy underfoot. The walking boots were a good choice! Our first target was ‘Deer Park Yellow 6’, one of several planted in this area by the 1st Englefield Green Cubs ( http://www.egsg.org/Cubs.html ) We found the cache quite easily; it was nice and dry, and a good size. We moved on to ‘Deer Park Blue 6’, another cache in the same series, and then to ‘Windsor Great Park 11’, which is part of another series altogether (we’ll come back and look for the rest soon). This area of the Park, not so very far away from the honeypot areas of the Long Walk and the Copper Horse, is wilder, more wooded, and much less visited than the areas nearby.

Moving on across the park, we came across ‘Sam’s Sneaky Stash’ near one of the horse tracks, and then moved on to ‘Macca’s Machiavellian Mischief’. Both of these were hidden in fine old trees; this gives nothing away as there are a great many such trees in the Park. Then it was down the hill to ‘Charlies’ Crafty Cache’, hidden in yet another tree. Then we turned towards the Long Walk and sploshed across some wet ground, being watched, and then followed by, three deer.

The Long Walk was thronged with people, almost the first we had seen since leaving the car park. There were runners, dog walkers, families out for a stroll, but NO cyclists, as they are strictly forbidden from this area. We walked up to the Copper Horse, turning round several times to admire the view back to Windsor Castle. The Queen wasn’t in residence, as the Royal Standard wasn’t flying, but a couple of important-looking cars swept down the Long Walk as we watched – a minor royal, perhaps?

We moved a little way away from the Copper Horse to visit ‘End of an Era’. From here there is a wonderful view across London, and it’s easy to pick out landmarks like the Shard, the London Eye, and the Post Office Tower, as well as the steady stream of planes taking off from Heathrow. By now lunchtime was approaching and we were both hungry and cold. We headed back to the car, taking in ‘Deer Park Red 6’ on the way. Appropriately, we spotted a fine stag nearby in the woods, resting up after the rut.

Deer Park Red 6 cache

Deer Park Red 6 cache


This was a great morning’s caching, with a 100% success rate. And there are plenty more caches round and about the Park to justify several more visits.


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