February 16 Day 47 Caches Found 13 Cumulative Total 54 (+1 bonus)

February 16 Day 47 Caches Found 13 Cumulative Total 54 (+1 bonus)
At last a weekend of fair weather, but after some recent rain, we decidedly to stay local, and complete a series entitled (Frimley) Fuel Allotments. This was series of about 15 caches, though some had been withdrawn, as well as a couple of other caches set by other cachers.
Two hundred years ago, fuel allotments were a common feature of rural England. Almost every village had its plot of land set aside to enable the poor to cut turf or wood for their domestic fires. As better fuel became available in the form of coal and coke many of these allotments were made over for cultivation and that is the use with which most of us associate the word.
The area is now surrounded by Pine Ridge Golf Course.

We made a slight mistake when we left the car, as mistakenly went searching for the second nearest cache rather than one within yards of where we were standing. As we blundered away around the footpaths, we passed a young lady with a bike standing by a tree.
“Are you ok” we asked…”No I’m looking for a container”.
Both Mrs HG137 and I walked on but thought that this was odd and wondered whether she was a cacher. We proceeded and eventually found our first cache “Hog the Log” overlooking the Pine Ridge Golf Course. Just as we were about to replace the cache, who should appear but the lady on the bike. She WAS a fellow cacher (Triple AAAs). She took the Tea Cup travel bug, and she cycled away.

Triple AAA's

Triple AAA’s

For the next few caches we attempted, Triple AAA was at the cache site (Ground Zero) as we arrived. After about 4 caches she left the trail and we continued. The trail circumnavigated the Pine Ridge golf course, through sometimes boggy paths but in general the paths were surprisingly dry.
Frustratingly we failed to find one cache (not part of the Fuel Allotments series), but all others were successful.
Much of the second part of the trail was punctuated by dogs who took great pleasure in following us, and not their owners.
Deep in the woods we passed a memorial stone (a large Sarsen stone) remembering Daniel, who died aged 24 in February 2002. His anniversary had been marked with a recent bouquet.
Our final three caches of the day, involved criss-crossing the forest with some severe hill climbs, finishing with the cache we should have started with, Fuel Allotments 1.
Great series, as most of the caches were plastic boxes, with lots of goodies to find.

The Woodland around Frimley Fuel Allotments


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