February 22 Day 53 Caches Found 11 Cumulative Total 65 (+1 bonus)

Blackbushe Airport

Blackbushe Airport

Bushe_plane Bushe_flags

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here.

Our latest caching destination was Blackbushe Airport.
– Although it’s quite close to where we live, it’s not somewhere we’ve visited often.
– There are a number of caches here.
– The weather wasn’t great so it was easy to give up if we weren’t enjoying it.

We parked near the control tower and got out of the car. My, it was cold! That base layer, two fleeces, cagoule, hat, gloves and scarf were all good choices, as were the thick walking socks. I only wished I’d extended the base layer to my legs as one pair of trousers just weren’t enough. Mr Hg137 was similarly swaddled against the cold and we set off, watching the occasional flake of snow driven by the wind.

We found eleven of the twelve caches we sought. Many, given the location, were named after aircraft. The first we found was ‘Spitfire’ – appropriate because a squadron of Spitfires was based at RAF Hartfordbridge during World War II – also appropriate for me because my father worked on engineering and testing Spitfire components at that time. RAF Hartfordbridge was renamed after the war and became Blackbushe Airport.

Bushe_cache1 Bushe_cache2
The caches were varied, including film canisters, Tupperware containers, a largeish ammunition box, and a very clever wooden thing (not giving too much away, here). These were hidden in a variety of hiding places, including, trees, bushes, heather, and rather a lot of gorse. And there was the usual very friendly dog, an elderly Labrador who appeared just as we stopped for a warming coffee, no doubt hoping for some food. We found two travel bugs during the morning; Mr Hg137 will post on those very soon.

This part of Yateley Common was new to us, and an interesting place. (Geocaching does take you to interesting/unexpected places.) Signs of the old airfield are all around, and planes are taking off nearby, yet it’s a popular piece of open land.

After a good morning’s caching we headed home for a nice hot drink …


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