February 23 Examinations of Trackables found on February 22

During our walk around Blackbushe Airport we found 2 trackables.

The first, entitled “When Dreams Come True” , has the mission to see Disney characters at a Disney Park. If possible the trackable would like to photographed with Disney characters along the way. As we don’t possess any… this may be difficult !

The trackable started its journey last June near Wisbech, and has travelled over 500 miles including North and South Wales!

Take me to Disney !

Take me to Disney !

The second trackable entitled “Michel will nach Lönneberga” started its Germany and wants to make its way to Lonneberga in Sweden. The trackable includes a child’s face which is why we have not published a photograph. So far,since September 2012, it has travelled 1600 miles from Germany to Norway (close to Sweden), but then was taken to England!


2 Responses to “February 23 Examinations of Trackables found on February 22”

  1. Lönneberga Says:

    Already great story… if TB 50 km before he aim immediately several km in the wrong direction is brought. Now listing is in 3 languages 😉

    Bis bald im Wald

  2. Ellenjäger Says:

    Hi there, Michel aus Lönneberga is a figure of a children’s book written by Astrid Lindgren. Original he is called Emil i Lönneberga from Sweden. That’s the reason why he should travel and visit to Loenneberga. Have a good trip little Michel, good luck! Best regards from Germany 🙂

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