February 23 Examinations of Trackables found on February 22

During our walk around Blackbushe Airport we found 2 trackables.

The first, entitled “When Dreams Come True” , has the mission to see Disney characters at a Disney Park. If possible the trackable would like to photographed with Disney characters along the way. As we don’t possess any… this may be difficult !

The trackable started its journey last June near Wisbech, and has travelled over 500 miles including North and South Wales!

Take me to Disney!

The second trackable entitled “Michel will nach Lönneberga” started its Germany and wants to make its way to Lonneberga in Sweden. The trackable includes a child’s face which is why we have not published a photograph. So far,since September 2012, it has travelled 1600 miles from Germany to Norway (close to Sweden), but then was taken to England!


2 Responses to “February 23 Examinations of Trackables found on February 22”

  1. Lönneberga Says:

    Already great story… if TB 50 km before he aim immediately several km in the wrong direction is brought. Now listing is in 3 languages 😉

    Bis bald im Wald

  2. Ellenjäger Says:

    Hi there, Michel aus Lönneberga is a figure of a children’s book written by Astrid Lindgren. Original he is called Emil i Lönneberga from Sweden. That’s the reason why he should travel and visit to Loenneberga. Have a good trip little Michel, good luck! Best regards from Germany 🙂

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