March 1 The Travel Bugs are mislaid!

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here.

Major panic at Hg House tonight … the travel bugs were mislaid!  BIG worries: did we leave them somewhere?  did we inadvertently put them out with the rubbish?  had they been expertly ‘filed’ somewhere out the house, never to be seen again?   A major search ensued … coat pockets were searched, piles of paper examined, and cushions lifted.  After about 45 minutes of worry and mental and physical searching – joy! – the travel bugs were discovered safe and sound in a carrier bag in the kitchen, where they had been placed when we came in on Sunday.

Note to self: remember to place trackables, cache treasures, etc, back in the geochest when they are not out and about, coming and going from caches.   FYI: the geochest is a shoebox with a fetching camouflage pattern, which seemed appropriate at the time.


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