March 2 Pink n Grey Series Day 61 Caches Found 15 Cumulative Total 82 (+1 bonus)

This should have been so easy ! When will we ever learn !

A six mile circle of 25 caches with 5 extras should have easily achievable in 4 or 5 hours – how wrong can we be!

Our day stated late, as we were visiting the Jigsaw Open Day held by Wentworth Jigsaws nearby… and then started the cache series shortly after 11.

One of goodies in the first cache of the day!

Early success in the first 4 caches (including a Wedding trackable) lured us into a false sense of success.

Super Wedding Trackable

Then we hit cache 5 !With a clue of ‘corner’  and so many corners to look at, we wasted some time.

Some of the many CORNERS

Although we eventually found it, we then failed to follow instructions to the next cache. We followed the GPS and not the supporting note ! A series of electric fences, a herd of expectant sheep and a wide diversion and cache 6 was found.

This was our 100th cache since we started last Summer !!

We continued on, and sought out a cache that had had a lot of DNFs (Did Not Finds). Fortunately, the cache owner had confirmed its existence a week or so previously, and we were grateful after much searching to confirm its existence.  A brief lunch overlooking Easton Grey Church and then we resumed the Pink n Grey series. The route was to take us over a tributary of the River Avon, over a small bridge.

Bridge…what BRIDGE ?

The bridge had been broken in the Winter Floods !

A major detour followed until, at last, we found the Fosse Way, and then its crossing of the Avon.


The rest of the route followed but after a refreshing cup of thermos coffee, we hit 2 DNFs to slow us down further. With time pressing and we were still only halfway round, we abandoned the route and walked by road back to the car.

Disappointed that we didn’t finish the route, but it would have been quite dark when we finished, but thoroughly pleased to find 15 caches. A great and exhausting day out!


This sculpture says it all …”The Greatest Secrets are Always Hidden in the Most Unlikely Places”


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