March 16 Day 75 Caches Found 12 Cumulative Total 94 (+1 bonus)

Having had a weekend away from caching we decided to attack some local caches this week. The weather was forecast to be wet, and after a night of rain we chose a series of magnetic nanos.

These nanos were distributed on or near various street name signs around Bracknell. We could drive between each road sign, park up and have a ‘cache and dash’ to the road sign and drive on.

With heavy rain forecast, it provided us with the opportunity to abandon easily at any point.

All caches were called ‘A Sign of the Times’ followed a road name. We attempted 14 caches, but found only 12. We discovered when we were on the circuit, that one of our DNFs hadn’t been found for a few months so we suspect it has gone missing !

Our route took us through the estates of Martin’s Heron and Forest Park as well as a brief sortie through Bracknell’s Industrial estate. A short distance from one of the caches was Picket Post Close – made famous in the Harry Potter films! A pleasant surprise was visiting countryside North of Bracknell, especially the Quelm Lane/Quelm Park area.

Harry Potter lived here !

Harry Potter lived here !

Quelm Lane


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