March 29 Day 88 Caches Found 2 Cumulative Total 96 (+1 bonus)

Good Friday.

A day for visiting mother/mother-in-law. Yet we wanted to cache.

We’d noticed that one of the caches we had DNFed on February 9th had been replaced. As we drove into Wokingham we would pass within yards of the cache – what a great opportunity to ‘cache and dash’. And that’s what we did. Well we tried to… just as we were approaching the cache site, someone else was on the mobile phone right by the cache. We turned away, and scuttled back when she left. A quick grab by Mrs HG137 and we’d be away. She couldn’t reach it! After Mr HG137 grabbed it, signed it, we were away.

The second cache was part of an afternoon’s walk with mother/mother-in-law around Cantley. We’d loaded one cache into the GPS and we thought we were unlikely to go out and get that. As luck would have it, the weather was fine, albeit cold, and a brisk, well moderate paced walk, was on.

The cache should have been hidden by rhododendrons, but it was in plain view.

We offloaded the “Michel will nach Lönneberga” trackable, showed all the cache goodies to mother/mother-in-law, hid the cache under a better pile of twigs and left.


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