April 1 Day 91 Caches Found 13 Cumulative Total 109 (+1 bonus)

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here.

Easter Monday

We thought we’d have a day out and combine some caching with a visit to Wisley Gardens, so we found a promising series nearby, ‘Papercourt Pathways’, and loaded up the 13 caches in the circuit plus a couple of others on or near the route. We started off badly, failing to find the first of the ‘others’, which should have been really easy. This did not bode well for the rest of the day.

But things improved thereafter. Off we set around two lakes which looked like former gravel pits. The first eight caches were dotted around the lakes, and we found seven of them, and thought that the eighth had maybe been washed away in recent wet weather. There were a couple of really clever hides among these caches, including some dismantling of a structure, some shinning down a steep bank (by me), and some clambering up a tree (delegated to Mr Hg137). By cache no. 8 we were getting rather cold and adjourned to the geocar for a quick coffee before setting out on the second half of the series.

We visited another few caches, passing picturesque Papercourt Lock, and depositing our last remaining trackable, ‘Wedding Horseshoe’ in ‘Weyside Wander 3’ This particular cache wasn’t in exactly the location given, nor hidden in the place described, but, by looking in every likely spot around the likely GZ, it was soon found.

Wey Navigation Canal

The cache that gave us the most trouble was the last but one, ‘Papercourt Pathways 12’, near a bridge, and we spent at least 20 minutes getting colder and colder while scrutinising the likely GZ from every possible angle. Part way through this search, we stopped to talk to a passer-by who was carrying a tripod and binoculars. He was a twitcher, out on the trail of a Pallid Harrier that had been spotted in the area; so that did explain the large number of passing cars, and the many people sporting binoculars, cameras, tripods, etc. We resumed our search and were about to move on when a final despairing glance spotted the pesky little cache.

We got to our 100th cache of the year part way round this circuit – in fact while dismantling a structure – so our challenge is moving on well. A good, but extremely cold, morning’s caching. Then off we went to Wisley where we hung around in the greenhouse for a while to warm up …

Spot the caches here !


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