April 6 Day 96 Caches Found 13 Cumulative Total 133 (+1 bonus)

]A bright, Spring day (albeit a bit chilly at first) and we had decided to complete the ‘Milk Round’ we left part way through 3 days previously. We needed 13 caches on the ‘Milk Round’ and a 14th,Giddy Too which we would pass en route.

In fact Giddy Too, a small magnetic nano, not much bigger than a fingernail, was the first cache of the day. Or rather it wasn’t. It was cold, there were lots of metal posts to check, and after 15 minutes we gave up. Not a great start !

However the rest of the Milk Round was really successful ! The first cache was actually a double! The hint was “Would you really want to pick this up” so we were expecting something nasty on the ground. Instead we found a very simple cache hidden under a pile of stones. As we were going over the stile, we noticed what we should have spotted … some plastic dog muck! This was attached to the cache container, buried in soil!

The route continued with the usual array of small plastic containers, generally near field boundaries or agricultural items. Near one such item, a water butt, we were lucky enough to see a fox running off with some food and a buzzard circling overhead.

We also passed though a field of sheep being guarded by a Llama, saw beautiful ducks swimming on the river Wey.

Llama Guard!

Llama Guard!


Wey Ducks

We had one failure where the cache should have been at a stile, but with a field of sheep with lambs on one side, and baying farmyard dogs on the other, we gave up after 10 minutes.

After 9 caches we re-joined the path we left 3 days ago and headed to Upper Froyle, where we had parked the car. A flooded field, and some limbo dancing under a fallen branch were obstacles, as was trying to remove a cache from its 7ft high location !

Arriving back at the car, we had missed 2 caches – the first and the one at the stile. However our driving route away from Upper Froyle would take us right past Giddy Too. Worth another 2 minutes surely ? This time it wasn’t so cold, and we could explore everywhere – and we found it! Why we didn’t find earlier we will never know ! A great end to a great series!


The Elusive Nano!


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