April 6 – Sir Knight Nettle


Hello, Mrs Hg137 here.

On our way round the Milk Round series we came upon the travel bug ‘Sir Knight Nettle’. He was lurking in an ammo box under some logs, surrounded by nettles. It turns out that he’s been on his travels since 2009 and has travelled 4,600 miles in pursuit of his hobby, which is …

“Sir Knight Nettle, dressed in a full suit of armour fears no nettles. To prove his undying love for his fair maiden he has set forth on a quest to go where no cacher dare go… Into nettles, Let him show no fear of the stinging weed that is his namesake. Please post photos of him not slaying Dragons but with nettles go Sir Knight Nettle, shame you have forgotten your sword along the way.
Legend does record what happen to Sir Knight Nettle. Stories of he was lost to the great hated warrior called Muggle are uncomfirmed but local talk talks about a unknown undead or scarred crusader that once was Sir Knight Nettle. The legend continues……..”

We will move him on his way when we find a suitable cache surrounded by … nettles.


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