April 26 Day 116 Caches found 8 Cumulative Total 145 IOW Day 1

We were visiting the Isle of Wight to participate in a weekend Scrabble tournament. We decided to extend our visit by catching an earlier ferry and finding some caches first. We decided to find 9 caches in a circular-ish walk near Chillerton.

7 of the caches were placed by once Cache Owner, and 2 by another. The 7 placed by the first Cache Owner were fair, but sneaky. Frequently a small piece of sawn log had been hollowed out, and a film canister placed inside. On another occasion, the cache was a specimen bottle tied on, and dangling behind a tree! Of the 7 we found 6 successfully, but failed on the 7th, as it started to hail right into our faces!

sneaky cache!

Of the 2 caches set by the other Cache Owner, we found both. One of them was found after an extensive search. Our GPS guided us to an ivy bank, and we couldn’t find the cache. Other logs shown in http://www.geocaching.com indicated the cache may have been hidden on the other side of the footpath. It wasn’t there either! We spent some time looking on both sides of the bank, until we eventually found it hidden in ….. (sorry too much of a spoiler). The cache was a plastic box and were able to place Sir Knight Nettle in it, as there were nettles nearby !


The 4 mile walk took us high on one of the Isle of Wight chalk ridges and we were very lucky to have extensive views in all directions.

IOW view

A great start to the weekend… fingers crossed the Scrabble is as good!


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