April 29 Day 119 Caches found 7 Cumulative Total 152 (+ 1 bonus) – IOW Day 2

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here.

We were visiting the Isle of Wight to participate in a weekend Scrabble tournament. (We didn’t do very well…) We stayed on for an extra night so that we could look for caches around the area where we had been staying, Gurnard, and then head back towards East Cowes for the ferry, maybe taking in another cache or two on the way.


‘Gurnard Luck’ was our first cache, which seemed an odd name, but which turned out to be the name of a small stream. We then zig-zagged our way along the shore, heading from Gurnard towards Cowes. There is a surprising variety of scenery in this small area – shoreline, woodland, harbours, beach huts, cliffs, suburbia, and far ranging seascapes. We found the six caches we had planned for and then headed into Newport to buy some victuals for the boat trip, find some more caches, and then board the ferry. Here’s where it went a bit wrong. We had chosen a cache right in the centre of Newport, near the arts centre. Could we find it? No, not a sniff of where it might be. Up and down we searched, taking much too long, and eventually gave up (we’ve found out since that the cache had been ‘muggled’ – removed by a non-cacher – and has now been moved to a new location). It was getting close to ferry time now, as we’d used up a while searching for that cache, so there was just time to find one last easy cache, hidden at the gate of a sunny cemetery on the outskirts of Newport, before wending our way through the roadworks and back to the ferry port.


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