May 4 Day 124 Caches Found 10 Cumulative Total 162 (+1 bonus)

Up to now, many of our routes have been following a laid out geo-caching series. For a change, and because we wanted to stretch our legs a bit more, we followed a Walking route, published in Country Walking magazine, and found the caches near to it.

The route started in the small Hampshire village of Ashmansworth, followed some roads and footpaths to Crux Easton, then onto Woodcott before rising to the top of a chalk ridge and following the Wayfarer’s Walk back to Ashmansworth.

We discovered that were 10 caches over the 9 mile route – so it meant we really could stretch our legs between caches.
Of the first three we found, 2 were part of the National Church Micro series. These are small caches, placed near churches. Frequently they are multi or offset caches, where the published co-ordinates take you to point A, where you must find out a piece of information, use the numbers in the information to find a new set of co-ordinates at point B. The cache is generally within 200 yards of point A! At the first cache, the main co-ordinates had to be derived from a date on a gravestone. This gravestone stood out as it had a shamrock carved on it.
While we were deriving our final co-ordinates for the cache it rained, so we were grateful that the church provided us with shelter.

Crux Easton church

Our walk continued, at one point almost being run down by a set of speedy cyclists, and we found an extremely large cache as well as the small Tupperware containers we have become accustomed to.

Large cache

As we climbed up to the ridge, we espied a group of walkers who stopped part way along the Wayfarers Walk. Our GPS indicated that where they had stopped was in the vicinity of our next-but-one cache…. were they cachers ? We walked hurriedly to our next cache, found it and replaced it but could not escape from Ground Zero (GZ) quickly enough before the other cachers arrived! We said ‘hello’ and they had retrieved the cache before we were out of sight.

The Wayfarers walk yielded all our remaining caches, including using a spent cartridge as a container! High on the chalk ridge there were splendid views and in the distance we could just make out Highclere Castle (aka Downton Abbey).

View from ridge

Unusual building!

A great day out, and all 10 caches found!


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