May 13 Day 133 Caches Found 2 Cumulative Total 164 (+1 bonus)

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here.

I was at Thames Valley Park for a week’s course, and, having arrived with a few minutes to spare on the first morning, I thought I’d look for a couple of caches nearby.

My first target was hidden in a bus stop, and was a key safe containing just a log book. It was nice and easy to sit in the bus stop, pretending to be waiting for a bus, while feeling around for the cache. The flaw with this plan was that a bus turned up while I was doing this, and I had to wander off down the road, clutching the cache, while waiting for things to quieten down, before returning to replace it. A short walk under the railway took me to the ‘Suttons Seeds’ roundabout on the A4, where more diversionary activity – pretending to make a phone call this time – was needed to give me time to try to sign the rather soggy log.

It was now time to head back for the start of the course, which went well until the lecturer asked if anyone needed to take a smoking break, as she’d seen one of the course members hanging around the smoking area. I’ve a feeling that was me, skulking around looking for the first cache!


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