May 18 Day 138 Caches Found 12 Cumulative Total 176 (+1 bonus)

A busy weekend meant we stayed local to cache. We’d noticed a new series appear a few days previously, focused on the town of Blackwater about a mile from where we live.

Most of the caches were placed in very urban locations, but near “historic” places in Blackwater. This may have been a site of a former (haunted) pub, the site of a former fair, or just a manorial house. The tour took us about 2-3 hours, but some of the finds were tricky. Possibly the two hardest were at a seat, and one near a very well frequented take-away.

We also included a couple of other caches in Blackwater, not on the ‘historic’ route. These caches included a multi-cache church micro and one entitled ‘Blue Egg’. The church micro was particularly frustrating, as while we were deriving the second pair of co-ordinates (ie. the ‘multi’ part) in the church yard, we were approached by a church warden enquiring what we doing!


Possibly the best concealed cache was inside a plastic frog!


A great walk around Blackwater and very interesting finding out about some of its history.


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