June 1 Day 152 Caches Found 4 Cumulative Total 180 (+1 bonus)

The last week of May saw us on holiday on a guided walking holiday with HF Holidays.

The week was based in Church Stretton, Shropshire and we took the opportunity to find a few caches while we were there.

Caer Caradoc from Rectory Wood, Church Stretton - near two of the caches

Caer Caradoc from Rectory Wood, Church Stretton – near two of the caches

We’ve been on HF holidays before, so we knew it would be difficult to cache whilst walking in a group of 15-20 people. Instead we loaded up a few local caches with a view to locating them during the week as time permitted.

The first two we found before we arrived. The first was literally ‘in a hole in a wall’, and the other, a magnetic nano, secreted in a sign by a very busy road junction – muggle hell!

Shortly after arrival there was a short evening walk, this frustratingly passed 2 other caches but we were never close enough to go searching. We eventually returned to these 2 caches at the end of the holiday at 9:30 in the morning when the woods were silent except for a dog walker and a jogger.

Our route back was along the A49. We had noted that there several caches on the road, predominantly in laybys, and we assumed all in the same direction ! They weren’t – they were in the reverse direction for us, so we turned the car round and parked up. What should have been two ‘cache and dashes’ were fruitless. Two caches, both magnetic, seemingly invisible, near a phone box and near a ‘no tipping’ sign ! Its not often we fail to find 2 in a row but here we did. We decided to retreat to the car and drive home.

So only 4 caches found all week, but a great week away in a part of the country we didn’t know.


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