June 15 Day 166 Caches Found 20 Cumulative Total 200 (+1 bonus)

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here.

We hadn’t done much caching for nearly a month, so a dry(ish) Saturday in mid-June seemed a good day to find a few caches to push closer to our target of 365 caches in 2013. So far we are on course.
We settled on the “Doyster White” series, near Hook in Hampshire (plus a few others), but we thought we’d complete the “Blackwater” series by nabbing the last cache, #12, as we drove along the A30 towards the start point. But could we find it … no … we circled the likely area for some little time, but the site looked a bit disturbed and we wondered if the cache had been muggled. Oh well, not a great start.

Off we went on the main part of the trip, parking near the Crooked Billet pub on the A30 and heading north towards West Green. One cache, Trout Pout, involved a bit of dangling around on a nettle-covered river bank, but we got there in the end. This one deserved a favourite, we thought.

River Whitewater near the Trout Pout cache

River Whitewater near the Trout Pout cache

We passed West Green House http://westgreenhouse.co.uk , which has lovely gardens, often open to the public, and also puts on opera performances in the summer. (We’ll add that one to our list of local places to visit.)

We bottled out of one of the extra caches we’d planned. It was about 5 metres up a multi-trunked tree and we couldn’t even see it from the ground. Mr Hg137 valiantly climbed a little way up the tree, but still nothing was visible. More of a ‘did not attempt’ than a ‘did not find’.

Strange creatures found in a cache ...

Strange creatures found in a cache …

On we went, across farmland. Mr Hg137 nearly got eaten by some ever-so-friendly black sheep while trying to sign a log, but both he and the cache survived intact.
Then it was back across the A30 for the southern half of the circuit. The day was cooler and damper now as we crossed the railway line and walked parallel to the noisy M3, and it began to rain as we headed for another of the extras, ‘Up for a Challenge’. The motorway bridge was an excellent place to shelter while we contemplated the likely location of the cache, which was marked as fairly hard, but after a couple of forays we found it – sorry, no more details here as the cache owner has requested ‘no clues or photos’.

The rain had cleared as we headed back towards Hook, going back under the railway through a spooky tunnel.
This part of the route was a bit soft underfoot, even though there hadn’t been much rain recently; from looking at the cache logs, waders are useful after heavy rain in this area, so we were lucky.

Back at the car, we’d finished the circuit and we’d found all 20 caches! That brings us to exactly 200 caches found this year. Great walk and one that took us around a lovely part of Hampshire that we wouldn’t otherwise have found.


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