June 18 Day 169 Caches Found 1 Cumulative Total 201 (+1 bonus)

After we failed to find the “Blackwater #12” cache, we received an email from the cache owner, Chilli Pipers, telling us that the cache was still safely in position, so it was our poor finding skills that were the problem.

Early on Tuesday morning Mr Hg137, suited and booted, was on his way to a business breakfast, passed by the cache site and had another look around. Still no joy.

On Tuesday evening Mrs Hg137 was heading off to her yoga class – got to keep supple for all that caching! – and both Mr and Mrs Hg137 parked up near the spot and had yet another search. After searching almost everything at the site, and nearly getting our fingers stuck in a crack in a tree, we found it … we might even have laid hands on it earlier when we were searching. The lesson here is to stick at it and you will find it!


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