June 26 Day 177 Caches Found 0 Cumulative Total 205 (+1 bonus, +1 cacher’s meet)

… we attended a Cacher’s Meet !

Many counties near us have a ‘Monthly Meet’, generally in a pub in the evening, and tonight we attended the Monthly Surrey Cachers Meet in Farnham.

The organiser, Kitey, had arranged with the pub, the Shepherd and Flock, that the cachers would use the garden area. When we arrived there were several people in the garden area, everyone chatting to each other. It was not obvious to us who were cachers !

Eventually we joined a group of cachers, and we joined in the discussion of caches found, and caches set. Many people produced trackables, and most of the other cachers spent time recording the cache number of the dozens of trackables on the tables. We left ‘Percy and his Fan Club’ and replaced it with ‘The Penguin of Death’ and ‘Whiskers the Ginger Nut’.

Over time we met several other cachers, and there was a real mix of people there. Many were in their twenties, but there were people present who were probably in their Seventies!

It was very interesting that no-one gave their real names just their caching identity.. so as well as Kitey we met Spooney15, BaSHful, RiddleMeBis, PoisonParis, fredsdad, bassetthound14, DTJM and bleachedwestie to name but a few.

The meeting counts as a ‘found cache’ on the http://www.geocaching.com statistics. We will list such meetings separately so our ‘caches found’ total are ‘actual caches’.

PS For the roundabout geeks who read this blog – the Shepherd and Flock is in the middle of the largest inhabited roundabout in Europe (10 acres) featuring several houses, a pub and some allotments.


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