June 26 Day 177 Caches Found 4 Cumulative Total 205 (+1 bonus)

Today was a busy day. We scheduled a visit to Wisley, but on the way there we cached in the village of Puttenham. The first of the caches was a fairly simple non-magnetic nano hidden near a car park and the North Downs Way.


The second was a church multi-part micro. We arrived at St John’s church, and hunted down clues around the Church, including the number of clock faces and various dates around the churchyard. Using the dates and numbers we entered a new set of co-ordinates into our GPS to resolve the multi-part cache. We strolled further through the village arrived at a gate, near where the cache was eventually found.

Further through the village, we arrived at a ‘Fine Pair’, where a magnetic nano was quickly found. This was our second ‘Fine Pair’ (red letter box and telephone box in close proximity), the first was discovered back in January when we were the first-to-find it. This one was quite a popular cache, and had been visited several times.

Our last cache of the day was another multi-part. Our first destination was a school car park. Here we had to count objects in an adjacent children’s playground and in the school yard. Ordinarily this would have been easy to do, but when we visited it was school sports day! There were children everywhere, running in and out of obstacles. In the current social climate, we were very concerned in case the teacher asked us what we looking at !

Sports Course!

Sports Course!

After some time, we’d collected most of the information (one of the numbers was a digit from a phone number we had to guess at), re-loaded our GPS, and quickly found our second multi-part of the day!
A great morning’s caching, a trip to Wisley followed and then….


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