June 26 – Penguin of Death

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here once more.

We picked up two trackables at the Farnham midweek meet. The second was “Penguin of Death”, which set off from far, far away in the Falkland Islands and is heading for Lossiemouth in Scotland. On his way, the Penguin wishes to visit at least 412 caches, one for each of the ways in which he can kill you.


From the imagination of Edward Monkton (www.edwardmonkton.com :
Beware the Penguin of Death
1. He is strangely attractive because of his enigmatic smile
2. He can kill you in one of 412 different ways

We took Penguin on our trip to the New Forest. At the point we dropped him off he had visited 39 caches and had travelled over 8000 miles. Good luck on your trip, little Pengy!


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