June 28 Day 179 Caches Found 14 Cumulative Total 221 (+1 bonus, +1 cacher’s meet)

We were basing our break in Hordle, just a few miles from the New Forest Park Boundary. Our intention was to cache on arrival at the hotel for some local caches before dinner. However we quickly discovered that if we ate before 18:30 it was cheaper – so we ate first and cached in the early evening light.

Our route took us away from Hordle, through farmers’ fields, through woodland, more fields and woodland, until we arrived at the village of Everton, where we were on pavements through the village and returning to Hordle. This was fortunate, as by the time we had finished our 5 mile walk, the light was definitely fading and we were grateful we were not in the dark wooded areas we encountered earlier. The caches were fairly traditional 35mm canisters, small Tupperware containers, magnetic nanos and a very small cache hanging over a bridge. There were 2 unusual containers : a plastic snake’s head (that’s 2 plastic snakes in one day!) and an Everton blue container.IMG_6134We found 14 caches, though we did DNF one, as it was very well hidden in an ivy stump. I’m sure we’ve noted before (and if we haven’t, we should have) we STRUGGLE with IVY. To understand what I mean, imagine a black 35mm film canister wedged into a thick ivy bush. It becomes TOTALLY invisible. Sometimes the only way to find the canister is to push and pull the ivy, a natural habitat remember (!), just to find a small bit of plastic. Not easy – which is why we often fail!

We had one narrow escape when a herd of cows were exceedingly interested in us and followed us to one of the cache sites, where we hastily signed the log and departed.IMG_6135At another GZ, we were held up replacing the cache when a muggle (non-cacher) family took their time to walk past us dawdling by a road sign.

A pleasant stroll, made slightly harder by the failing light on the walk.


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