June 28 Day 179 Caches Found 2 Cumulative Total 207 (+1 bonus, +1 cacher’s meet)

We planned a weekend away in the New Forest, not just for caching, but to visit some of its scenic parts. It was an area of the country we didn’t know, so we concentrated on packing lots of activities in our schedule rather than concentrating on accumulating caches.

On the way to our hotel, we stopped to do a little sightseeing, and a short exploration of the Forest.
Our first stop was at ‘Little Portugal’. This is a fireplace (!) near Lyndhurst. Apparently the site was used in WW1 where the Portuguese Army assisted the Canadian Timber Corps, in chopping much needed wood for the war effort.
The cache was a multi-cache. We arrived at the fireplace and then had to walk 100 paces to a clearing containing 4 beech trees. The cache was hidden on one of these ! Sadly our direction (walking away from the fireplace) was found wanting, so it took us 15 minutes to find the actual tree. As the cache was quite large, we offloaded Whiskers the Ginger Nut.

The cache site was very peaceful with lots of New Forest ponies walking around.

Our second cache was on a walk we found on http://www.newforestaccessforall.org.uk/page7.html.

The walk conveniently started at the Portuguese Fireplace and was a circular walk which passed a Reptile Centre. Our outward path took us to the first part of this multi-cache where the final co-ordinates were printed, and stuck to a plastic snake!

Fake snake!

Fake snake!

We eventually found both the Reptile Centre and cache nearby. We retrieved the trackable ‘Quackers and her Egg’ from the cache, and walked back through the Forestry Managed plantation.

Reptiles are under the net.. can you spot them ?

Reptiles are under the net.. can you spot them ?

A super walk and a super introduction to the New Forest.


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