June 30 Day 181 Caches Found 1 Cumulative Total 231 (+1 bonus)

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here.

The last day of June was also our last day in the New Forest. We returned to Whitefield Moor, an area we’d visited a couple of days earlier, and went for a walk along the Ober Water, using another of the trails found on the ‘New Forest Access For All’ website. Whitefield Common is a big open space, great for flying kites, for children to run around, for dogs to chase balls, and also a good place to spot New Forest ponies and their foals.

Ober Water is an absolutely stunning drop-dead gorgeous place. (I hope I haven’t undersold it!) We didn’t know in advance why the cache we found had so many ‘favourite’ tags, but, having visited, we now understand why. It’s a beautiful and peaceful spot and a wonderful place for a walk and a geocache.
We then made our way home, visiting the Knightwood Oak, the largest tree in the New Forest, Cadnam’s Pool near the site of WWII Stoney Cross airfield, and finally the Rufus Stone which marks the spot where King William Rufus met his death after being accidentally shot with an arrow. Or maybe it was accidentally on purpose, as he wasn’t a popular monarch? Read more about all of these at http://www.new-forest-national-park.com/ which is a great source of information. There are many caches round all of these sites too, but we just didn’t have time to load them all from http://www.geocaching.com or time to find them … something for another time. There’s plenty in the New Forest to justify another weekend trip, methinks!


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