July 13 Day 194 Caches Found 3 Cumulative Total 234 (+1 bonus, +1cacher’s meet)

A special day for both Mr and Mrs Hg137 – so we like to do something different. This year, the day was due to be hot, indeed it was the hottest day of the year so far.

We ventured to Newbury, and went on a canal trip courtesy of the Kennet and Avon boat Trust (http://www1.katrust.org.uk/content/boats.php). Our 75 minute return boat trip along the River Kennet, and just into the canal, went through Newbury Centre, via a lock and swingbridge to the open fields West of Newbury. An excellent way to stay cool on a hot day.

Canal boat - Jubilee

Canal boat – Jubilee

Being so hot, we kept the caching to a minimum so we attempted 3 urban caches near Newbury centre. Two of them we hidden next to spurs of the River Kennet and the other at Newbury Racecourse Railway Station.
As we mentioned on a previous posting, bridges make excellent cache locations, and two of the caches were hidden in the support structures, the other embedded within a stone !
A great day out (if a little hot!).

This trackable loves water!

This trackable loves water!

Stone Cache

Stone Cache


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