July 20 Day 201 Caches Found 4 Cumulative Total 238 (+1 bonus, +1cacher’s meet)

Another hot day so a big day’s caching seemed like hard work! (As well as that we were out celebrating the Sandhurst Gardening 50th Anniversary in the evening (http://www.sandhurstgardeningclub.co.uk/) so wanted to preserve energy.)

We settled 4 local-ish caches, 3 of which were puzzle caches.

Puzzle caches have to be solved to yield a series of numbers which are then used as co-ordinates for the cache. We have solved a couple of “Famous Berkshire Residents” caches before, where pertinent dates/ages have been used as co-ordinates. Today was no exception.

The 2 Residents we found, had similarities in that both were wealthy; but great differences in that one had recently died and also the manner in which they had acquired their wealth.

The third puzzle cache had Scrabble as its central theme, which tied in with the fourth cache we visited as it was within half a mile of where we regularly play Scrabble (http://www.eastberksscrabbleclub.org.uk/Welcome.html)

Sorry no pictures this time… as the locations weren’t in truth that scenic, and also other cachers can enjoy the puzzles too !

It was good to see that yet another bridge was used for the deployment of a cache, and at another location we were able to release the trackable “Quackers and Her Egg” as the cache size was big enough for her to squeeze into (just!).


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