July 30 (and May 4) – Arizona Cow-Bear

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here again.

The Arizona Cow-Bear set off from Tucson on 13th July 2009 (I think we have mentioned that this is an auspicious day for us both) and has been travelling round the world. We first met the Cow-Bear in early May 2013, high on the Hampshire Downs, and hung on to him for a while till we found a cache big enough to put him in. So we sent him on his way … we thought … in late May. But, two months later, we were walking around Crowthorne Woods on a fine summer’s evening, checking up on the trees we planted to regenerate the area after a forest fire in May 2011, and we thought we would try to re-find (without a GPS) one of the very first caches we ever found, back in September 2012. To our surprise, there he was again. Hello again, little friend! We’ll send you on your way again very soon.

Arizona Cow Bear

Arizona Cow Bear


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