August 3 Day 215 Caches Found 9 Cumulative Total 252 (+1 bonus, +2 cachers’ meets)

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here.

We attended the UK Mega Event in Gaydon, Warwickshire. And we did some caching too!

After looking around the UK Mega, and deciding what to buy later and what to see later, we headed outside. A CITO event (Cache In, Trash Out) was happening and we thought about joining in, but so many folk were queuing up to take part that we decided to do some independent caching instead. CITO events are a way of giving something back to the community by tidying it up and removing litter. I think the people of Gaydon must have been surprised at the hordes of geocachers and geodogs (special mention to the geodachshund here) swarming all around, and I don’t expect there was much litter left uncollected afterwards.

A small group of cachers !

A small group of cachers !

In fact our first cache was just before we arrived. We parked in a layby just off the M40 motorway and set off towards the cache. Another car had pulled in just behind us … and a man was sprinting up the verge towards us. Ooh err, problem? But it was the Cache Owner (CO) on his way to the Mega, who had stopped to replace the cache log.

We left the Mega site late morning for some more caching before lunch. After a quick couple of caches along the roadside – easy to find them when you join an orderly queue of waiting cachers – we headed off across the fields. We were overtaken by one of the CITO groups, headed off to collect rubbish from local paths. Then we came across a cache where the log was cunningly hidden in a puzzle box; could we open it (no!) , and more cachers were approaching. We decided to appeal to them for help. Many thanks to Floss from the BottesfordCrew, who had the puzzle opened in seconds.

BottesfordCrew help us with a cache

BottesfordCrew help us with a cache

After leaving the Mega in the afternoon, complete with purchases and trackables, we drove a short distance into Gaydon and collected a few more caches. As before, they were easy to find as they were mostly surrounded by groups of cachers. Gaydon is a very pretty little village (though not exactly quiet on UK Mega day!) in lovely rolling countryside, with caches stashed around in many a hidden corner.
Warwickshire countryside around Gaydon

Warwickshire countryside around Gaydon

Then it was back home; we were beginning to flag a little by now. A long but enjoyable day.


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