August 10 Day 222 Caches Found 24 Cumulative Total 276 (+1 bonus, +2 cachers’ meets)

Due to various commitments we had not had a great caching walk for some time. So today we decided to cache near Leatherhead and attempt many of the caches located near to the National Trust property at Polesden Lacey.

We noticed that there were 2 circuits around the property, an 11 mile circuit called ‘Humble Hike’ which contained over 50 caches, and a smaller, inner circuit called ‘Polesden Lacey’ which included 14 caches. We picked out 26 caches from these 2 series and used the well-walked footpaths around Polesden Lacey to change from one series to another.

Both series were excellent and took in the well kept manicured grassland, 2 farms, some cooling woodland as well as views of the National Trust property itself.

Polesden Lacey Farmland

Polesden Lacey Farmland

Most of the containers were tupperware boxes, or 35 mm containers contained within a larger plastic bottle. Our favourites included a dog and a hanging cache in a small chestnut tree!

Example Cache

Example Cache

Dog Cache

Dog Cache

Hanging Cache

Hanging Cache

What we hadn’t appreciated from the description on was that the many of Polesden Lacey caches were also part of the National Trust experience. Visitors to the property could hire GPS with the co-ordinates of many of the series pre-loaded, so that they too could geo-cache.

Sounds like a great idea, until you realise that ‘the general public’ are not so aware of caching etiquette in terms of replacing and hiding accurately. We discovered that many of the Polesden Lacey were not quite where we expected them to be. In addition we recorded 2 DNFs as we couldn’t find the cache at all. We believe one of the caches (another hanging cache) had been pulled down, and all that remained was the black tie cable still attached to the tree. This is a great shame as it marred our experience, and no doubt marred those who, as part of their National Trust visit, were caching for the first time.

That aside a great day’s caching – some fairly straightforward hides but more importantly we broke our own record with 24 CACHES IN ONE DAY ! Yay!

PS During this walk we also found our 300th cache of all time which is listed as a milestone on


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