August 18 Day 230 Caches Found 13 Cumulative Total 290 (+1 bonus, +2 cachers’ meets)

With any hobby and pastime, there are good days and bad days. This day was not one of our best.

We’d loaded 16 caches (or so we thought) into our GPS and then noticed one of them had been DNF’ed for the last 6 months. We enquired of the cache owner whether this cache was still there, and we were told it was unlikely but due to ill-health was unable to be checked. We were advised where the cache would be, and given instructions to check it.

We put this cache towards the end of our list for the day, starting with a similar cache based in Mytchett. (We thought if we could master a similar cache then trying to find the DNF should be a doddle).

Our route started in Mytchett town centre and then a short car ride to Frimley Park, where we should have found our first multi-cache of the day. Somehow the details of this cache were not in the GPS (yet another mistake from HG137 in a week) so we couldn’t attempt it.

Our first real cache in Frimley Park was harder than we thought. The co-ordinates led us to the middle of a 50 metres running track, and yet the cache hint was ‘fence post’. Some 20 yards distant, were the nearest fence posts – even then it took us 4 posts to find the right one!
So with a fairly certain DNF to come, a cache not loaded and then some poor co-ordinates we knew it wasn’t going to be our day.

Basingstoke Canal

Basingstoke Canal

Our route took us along the Basingstoke Canal where we found a couple of simple caches so were in buoyant mood, as we searched in cache in the roots in a multi-trunk tree. Sadly the notes indicated yet again the co-ordinates were wrong… and there were lots of tree to search. After 15 minutes we gave up…

We went in search of next cache, but this was on THE OTHER SIDE of the Basingstoke Canal and no obvious bridges to cross. (It really is going well isn’t it ?!). We went in search of another cache, and as we were doing so we passed MEGAN’S PLACE. Now we knew there was a cache here… but yet again was not in our GPS. The seat was in memory of Megan, born asleep, and was decorated with flowers. Without a hint… we searched high and low to no avail… and with desperation sat down for a drink on the seat.

In Memory of Megan

In Memory of Megan

The elevenses break really was good for the soul, for, as we just leaving Ground Zero, we espied a likely cache location. Eureka ! Our first bit of luck for the day!

This proved to be the turning point as our successes continued for the rest of the day. Several more caches were found on one side of the Basingstoke Canal, and then returning on the other side, we found the cache we couldn’t get to earlier!

Heath Woodland (on the other side of the canal!)

Heath Woodland (on the other side of the canal!)

Heath Woodland (on the other side of the canal!)

Heath Woodland (on the other side of the canal!)

We finished by walking via an aqueduct, where the canal went over the railway line, to the centre of Frimley Green where not unexpectedly we DNFed the missing cache.
As short walk back to the car was punctuated by our last cache of the day, a church micro.

We found 13 caches, which considering the start we had was a fair success!


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