August 21 Day 233 Caches Found 28 Cumulative Total 318 (+1 bonus, +2 cachers’ meets)

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here.

It was fine and warm, so into the geocar we went, and off to Pirbright. We parked on the edge of the large common in the ‘centre’ of the village and set off for our first cache, a church micro. The clues for the coordinates to this cache were from a grave next to the memorial to Henry Morton Stanley, he of ‘Dr Livingstone, I presume?’ fame. There was a chance to get the coordinates wrong … so we did, and ended up stood next to the geocar again. Doh! Back to the church and after a mere 30 minutes we had found the first cache.

Pirbright Church

Pirbright Church

Henry Morton Stanley

Henry Morton Stanley

After this great start we set off to work our way around the ‘High & Low’ series, and made heavy work of finding the first cache. Oh dear, 50 minutes in, and two caches found. At this rate, we would still be caching by sunset. But things picked up and we eventually upped our average to a little over 5 caches per hour. There are some great caches in the series, and they follow the theme of the series; some are low, at ground level, and some are at or above head height. Among the usual mix of clip lock containers and film canisters there are some truly inventive hides in somewhat out of the usual places, some involving items, personal possessions, or creatures to be found in the area.
We diverged from the cache circuit halfway round, to visit a cache in the woods called ‘Ratboy & Pieman’ – with a name like that, it just had to be done. It was a great big, dry ammo box in the woods and we felt it was a shame that it doesn’t get visited that much. Maybe that’s because it’s out on its own and not part of a circuit.
Good spot for a cache? (2)

Good spot for a cache? (2)

Good spot for a cache ? (1)

Good spot for a cache ? (1)

During our caching efforts we passed two milestones – 300 caches for the year (we’re ahead of schedule, woo-hoo) , greatest number of caches in one day (that one will get ever harder to break), and a 100% record of caches found in a day. We returned to the geocar after five and a half hours, and stopped off for a quick cache and dash near Brookwood on the way home. We took a quick look inside; it’s a peaceful yet thought-provoking place which deserves a future visit.


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