September 4 Day 247 Caches Found 13 Cumulative Total 333 (+1 bonus, +2 cachers’ meets)

Good-sized cache!

Good-sized cache!

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here.

September 4th is an important anniversary for us and we always try to do something special. Last year we went to the Paralympics … this year we had a day’s geocaching on what is likely to be one of the last hot days this summer. (Our recollection is that the weather on September 4th is usually fine, warm and sunny).

We chose Ecchinswell, a few miles south of Newbury, and parked in the large car park by the very smart village hall. Our first cache was a multicache, where clues must be solved to collect numbers on which calculations can be done to yield coordinates. Off we went for a mile’s walk round the outskirts of the very pretty village – babbling clear streams, thatched cottages, pretty sunbaked fields, Royal Oak pub, historic church – and counted things and collected numbers as we went. Having done our calculations, we set off on the main circuit of the day – Honey’s Hack – and collected the first couple of caches, plus the multi cache. While hunting for one cache, we emerged from behind a tree, to be met by a lady and her daughter who were out on a bike ride. It turned out that they were cachers too (you don’t generally get four people clustered round a remote tree unless they are all looking for the same thing … ), and this was just their second day out caching. We had a general talk about caching, spotted the cache while we were talking to them, waited while they found it, and we both signed the log. Good luck to Megan and Tracey in their future caching adventures – there are loads out there to be found.

On the route

On the route

Scary snake

Scary snake

The next three caches were new additions to the series, and harder than the rest. Two involved creatures – remember the ducks, frogs, and snails in earlier caches? And two involved a bit of gymnastics to reach. Mr Hg137 volunteered for the ditch scramble and I (Mrs Hg137) went for the tree climb; I’m not over-tall and am built for comfort, not climbing, so I was very proud of myself for this one. We finished the rest of the series, and made our way back to the car; it was a really hot day by now and we were beginning to flag, although we’d only walked five-and-a-half miles – the geocar claimed 29C and it felt at least as hot as that.

Another excellent day out on September 4th – and another where we ended up tired but happy!


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