It’s almost a year since our first geocache find

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here.

In a few days it will be a year since our first geocache find.

Our first few finds were made on a sunny Saturday in the Chilterns, while we were walking the Ridgeway. They included the oldest cache in England ‘View from Coombe Hill’ GC171 – we didn’t realise the significance of that back then. And we also made a complete failure of finding a multicache because we didn’t understand what to do. Not much has changed there: we’re still not good at multicaches, or caches that aren’t on the ground, or anything involving ivy …

And, over the past year, we’ve collected 363 caches, including our two cachers meets, but not including the extra cache, which is recorded on another site. Sooooo … we’ve found 361 caches using … and that’s awfully close to 365 and all of a sudden we sort of feel we should maybe try for at least 365 in our first year. We’re thinking about it: should we do it? Should we do something memorable? Something easy, to make sure we reach the target? Do we need any extras in case we can’t find the caches? Or are we just obsessed by statistics?


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