October 5 – Hamina Tattoo 20 years

IMG_6556Hello, Mrs Hg137 here. It seems to be me that does the posts about trackables!

When we dropped off the ‘Year of the Snake Coins’ geocoin, we picked up another trackable, ‘Hamina Tattoo 20 Years’, which started off in Finland at the end of 2010 and ‘wants to visit as many tattoo events in Europe, such as Germany, Hungary, England and Italy’. There’s a link with the description of the trackable but it leads, puzzlingly, to a Russian garage website so I’m not clear whether the trackable is looking for tattoos as in ‘body art’, or tattoos as in ‘Edinburgh Military Tattooo’, or something else.

More puzzling, and not in tune with the stated mission, is that the trackable is attached to a small Pudsey Bear. Why? Does Pudsey like tattoos? All was revealed by reading about the trackable’s recent wanderings – the tag was discovered all alone, not attached to anything and was joined up with Pudsey so it didn’t get mislaid (we know that happens, as one of our trackables disappeared).

We will drop off the trackable soon so it can continue on its way. It has travelled 4123 miles so far and has been round much of Europe – but not to Italy (yet). Maybe that is where it needs to go next?


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