October 12 Day 285 Caches Found 6 Cumulative Total 368 (+1 bonus, +2 cachers’ meets)

Swinley Forest

Swinley Forest

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here.

Today was to be an auspicious caching day. We could pass our target of 365 caches for the year – one a day. This called for something special to match the occasion.

Accordingly, Mr Hg137 did a little research and found a series of six caches not too far away, called ‘Summer Holiday’. This is a short series of child-friendly caches spread over about a mile’s walk.

None of the caches have hints; all the information needed is/should be in the cache name, and all of them are slightly different from the usual cache, which is quite often a 35mm film container. There’s nothing wrong with those; they are cheap, small, and easy to hide, but we wanted something slightly special for this trip.

Off we went to Swinley Forest, parked close to a timber yard, and set off into the woods. The first cache was not too far away and we found it quite quickly; it was advertised as being ‘a home for a tree elf in the ivy’ but it seemed that the elves were out when we visited… On we went, nabbing the ‘firewood’ cache and then on to ‘all tied up’.

IMG_6576 This was THE cache that reached our target. It was an interesting cache, a little different from the normal, and contained a trackable, ‘Der Champion’ from a site we hadn’t met before, www.geokrety.org ; we will move it (him, he’s a small model workman) on just as soon as we work out how to log him.


Pusey searches for a bear in the woods ...

Pusey searches for a bear in the woods …

The final three caches in the series were ‘we’re going on a bear hunt’, ‘you’re sitting on it’ and ‘nice slice’, all of which describe the caches nicely. We had a travel bug with us, Pudsey Bear (more correctly ‘Hamina Tattoo’) and he was thrilled to meet another bear, but, sadly, he just wouldn’t fit in that cache. We left him nearby in the last cache in the series and hope he moves on soon – it shouldn’t take too long as this is, understandably, a popular series.

So … we’ve managed to find just over 365 caches already, and the year is not yet done. Geocaching has taken us to places near and far, that we would not otherwise have visited., and have learnt so many things while doing so (history, geography, geology …). We’ve placed our own geocache, sent off our own trackable, contributed to cacher’s magazines ( www.ukcachemag.com ) and met the wider cacher community at social events and the UK Mega. Just a few times we’ve found cachers when out on the caching trail; they’ve been a varied bunch, and all have been friendly. And we’ve converted a few of our friends and work colleagues into being cachers themselves. Has it been worth doing. You bet it has!


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