October 17 – A Game of Scrabble

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here. I’m back on the air, for now anyway, after a few technical problems – new routers, faulty laptops, broken this, not working that … technology is great when it works and not nearly so good when it doesn’t!

Not long after we started geocaching, we released a Travel Bug, ‘A Game of Scrabble’. We were new to the game and we made the mission much too complicated. Worse, we didn’t think to attach the small metal tag to a larger object to make it harder to lose … so it was lost after a few months. After leaving a decent amount of time for the trackable to reappear – it didn’t – we decided to restart the trackable with a simpler mission. It wants to travel to Sheffield. And this time round we have attached the trackable to something nice and solid – some Scrabble tiles which spell S C R AB B L E; it’s appropriate as we are both keen Scrabble players.

Oddly, just after we had placed the new version of our trackable in a cache as close as possible to the place it was last seen, we started to get more and more entries on the log saying that the trackable had been ‘discovered’. How could this be? It was concealed in a leafy part of Berkshire, and yet folk from Germany were seeing it? After a bit of investigation, we’ve found that the trackable code was visible on our photos of the travel bug and that enabled folk worldwide to ‘discover’ (see) it. Strange!

Good luck to our relaunched trackable!

Trackable - Reborn!

Trackable – Reborn!


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