October 20 Day 295 Caches Found 5 Cumulative Total 379 (+1 bonus, +2 cachers’ meets)


Hello, Mrs Hg137 here.

It was our last day in Milton Keynes and we decided to take in some of the sights before returning home.

First up was an iconic location in MK.  And there was a cache nearby – ‘GC10: The Concrete Cows’.   It also seemed a most suitable place to drop off our Geokret, ‘Der Champion’. 

The Concrete Cows

The Concrete Cows

The GC10 series was placed to commemorate 10 years of geocaching and includes 10 iconic locations, such as the Giant’s Causeway, White Cliffs of Dover, Edinburgh Castle, and … the cows!   Well, we found the cows easily enough, and then we searched for the cache, and searched, searched, and searched again.  We couldn’t find it.  Curses.  (Addendum: the cache was indeed missing and has since been temporarily disabled.)

Oh well, on to the next cache. 

Once again we searched, searched, and searched again.  And we couldn’t find it, again.  And the rain was beginning to fall.  We hardly ever fail to find two caches in a row, and this was not going well.  Perhaps we just hadn’t engaged our caching brains? 

We moved on again, to the remains of a Roman villa (we didn’t know there was one in MK, but a friendly muggle dog walker had mentioned  it) and to another cache.  This became a ‘Did Not Attempt’ rather than a failure, as we didn’t fancy a tree climb and a walk through a nettle-field, but time was passing, the weather was not so good, and we hadn’t laid hands on a single cache.

Roman Villa Remains

Roman Villa Remains

We decided on a change of scene: it must get better (mustn’t it?). 

Off we went to central MK, where there are a number of public artworks, along with nearby caches.  Our luck changed, and the rain eased.  We found three caches very quickly and easily and one was a suitable sized container that could take the Geokret.  A laurel hedge was not quite the iconic location we had in mind… but it’s on the road, travelling again.

MK Artworks I

MK Artworks I

The last cache we found was close to Milton Keynes station, so we diverted slightly and grabbed one of the ‘Sidetracked’ series that are spread around the country near stations.

Besides, the rain was threatening again and thunder was rumbling in the distance … It was time to stop.  We’d seen some varied sights after a disastrous start and it was time to stop while we were (just) ahead. 

MK Artworks II

MK Artworks II


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