November 2 Day 308 Caches Found 10 Cumulative Total 389 (+1 bonus, +2 cachers’ meets)

The summer Sun and dryness has finally gone. Paths are wet and muddy and don’t really inspire great walks. So we looked around and found a number of caches around a housing estate in Church Crookham. The housing estate had road names associated with Daphne Du Maurier her life and works. Apparently she rented a house in the area when she wrote one of her more famous works “Rebecca”. (Indeed 2 of the caches were close to Daphne Drive and Du Maurier Close!)

Like many estates it has numerous pathways criss-crossing the roads which is where many of the caches were placed. We also included a couple of caches outside of the estate which required a certain amount of stealth as it required pulling a rope to lower a cache from 20 feet in a tree! All this while standing in a bend in a road while traffic was whizzing by! During our caching history we’ve seen many different types of container – the photo below shows a new one for us – as was the re-using of old Pritt Sticks!

We loaded up about 19 caches to find, but only in the end found 10. The high number of ‘muggle’ dog-walkers and a local football match impeded our progress. Still we’ve left enough to make another visit worthwhile.

Spot the Cache and Ropes!

Spot the Cache and Ropes!

Nifty log container!

Nifty log container!

PS We took the three trackables with us that we’d picked up in Milton Keynes and placed them in caches we visited! Good luck with your future adventures!


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