November 30 Day 336 Caches Found 4 Cumulative Total 393 (+1 bonus, 2 cacher’s meets)

Ambarrow Court is an 8.7 hectare (21.5 acres), Local Nature Reserve located in Little Sandhurst between the A321 and the Reading to Guildford railway line. Much of the site was once managed as a Victorian country estate, although the original house of 1855 has since been demolished, parts of the foundations are still visible. This site contains many habitats including ancient woodland, hazel coppice, marshes, ponds and pools, birch coppice and meadow. Notable plants include bluebells and associated spring woodland flowers, cuckoo flower and yellow rattle in the meadow.

Of course on a dreary November afternoon much of the above isn’t there but it was an enjoyable stroll nonetheless!

Ambarrow Court (or Ambarrow Woods as it’s locally known) hosts 4 caches of varying types.

Most of the caches we complete are standard i.e follow the co-ordinates and find the container. At Ambarrow there are two such caches including a tree-climb (one of the few successful tree climbs we’ve attempted).

There is also a multi – where the co-ordinates lead you to a location where you write down a number, which leads you to another a location, another number which leads to another location, another number etc… This particular multi was set by the local Scouts using Orienteering posts as the ‘number’ source. It took about 15 minutes to walk the whole route.

The fourth cache we found in Ambarrow Woods was a puzzle cache. Here the co-ordinates are given the form of a puzzle which you have to solve to derive the co-ordinates. This puzzle was based on Thomas the Tank Engine! The puzzle would have been easy to solve if we had been 6 or 7… sadly those days are well past and Wikipedia was a useful reference tool!

A great hour or so caching – and a great variety too!


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