December 8 Day 344 Caches Found 17 Cumulative Total 410 (+1 bonus, +2 cachers’ meets)

Hello, Mrs Hg137 here.

As late autumn arrived, the days were shortening and becoming wetter, so we wanted a destination that was not far away, and with good going underfoot. We spotted a new circuit close-ish to home, the ‘Sweets Round’ circuit, which had been published but a few days before. This was previously occupied by the ‘Frimley Fuel Allotments’ circuit, which we had done back in February 2013, but this circuit had been archived and a new one had taken its place.

So off we went to Frimley. Of necessity, the new circuit followed much the same route as the old, but was very different in character. We found 15 of the 16 caches in the circuit, but one defeated us. As we arrived at that one, two people – and a small white dog – were searching in the undergrowth. They were geocachers – Secovians and lisawardle – accompanied by Baz the dog. We all did some more fruitless hunting and then went our separate ways; we’ve checked the logs for this cache since and it seems that about half the people who look for it don’t find it … so we don’t feel quite so bad about this miss. And it’s always nice to meet fellow geocachers. We also took the chance to find a cache we’d missed earlier in the year, ‘Smiley Balls 3’. This time we found it – yay! – and just afterwards we again met up with Baz and his cacher friends; they were doing the circuit in the opposite direction to us.

lisawardle, Baz, and Secovians

lisawardle, Baz, and Secovians

Overall, a highly successful series and a pleasant morning’s walk. I think we’ve got a bit better at finding caches. And we’ve also learnt to use paths to get to our destination, rather than the ‘shortest cross-country route’ techniques we were using earlier in the year, which does work but does also involve quite a bit of scrambling up and down steep slopes and through bushes!


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