Dec 18 Berkshire Cacher’s Meet

Many counties run a ‘monthly’ cacher’s meet generally in a pub, moving around the county throughout the year.

We’ve often looked at the regular cacher’s meets and a combination of distance to travel or other engagements meant that this was only the second monthly meet we’d been able to get to.

A wild stormy night, and a short trip to the Green Man in Bracknell and we were there. As were about 20 other cachers. As we discovered at the other meet we attended, many trackables were passed around – indeed we took one called ‘movie collector’. The highlight was when one cacher turned up with a 1 foot go kart tyre as a trackable!

The event was run by ‘colinsmudger’ who has set various puzzle caches in the Bracknell area. He was swamped by the other attendees wanting hints and tips as to solve his puzzles. As we had not yet looked at his puzzles, we felt it a bit of a cheat to ask for help for something we hadn’t looked at.

We decided to look at his puzzles after the meet… we may well be contacting him soon!!!


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