December 25 Day 358 Caches Found 2 Cumulative Total 412 (+1 bonus, +3 cachers’ meets)

Christmas Day ! Merry Christmas to all our readers and fellow cachers!

We hope the excitement of opening your presents was as great as the excitement of finding and opening an elusive cache!

We didn’t do a lot as we were at relatives for lunch so quick two cache and dashes for us.

Both were in very high muggle areas, so on Christmas day, this was a doddle.

The first was next to a well-known local, Wellingtonia Roundabout (named after the row of huge Wellingtonia (Sequoia) trees in one of the adjacent roads. On Christmas Eve this roundabout was totally underwater due to the heavy rain, we got lucky and it was a bit drier!

The second was on the outskirts of where the old Wokingham Town Football Stadium (now a Pet Food and Wine retailer!) stood. Mr HG137 was a keen supporter of Wokingham Town from the late 70s to late 90s so this brought back many memories. Since finding the cache he has spent many an hour remembering all the players of yesteryear.

2 very simple caches, and we were grateful for muggle-free access!


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