December 26 Day 359 Caches Found 5 Cumulative Total 417 (+1 bonus, +3 cachers’ meets)


Early in November we cached in Church Crookham and left a few caches unfound for another day.

Today was that day!

Our first foray to the Daphne du Maurier estate primarily criss-crossed the estate through the alleys and byways.
Today we picked up the 5 caches on the perimeter of the estate.

In fact we were trying for 6 caches, but our first was a DNF. We weren’t too surprised by this as the previous logs indicated the cache was missing, but it was worth a try. A good thorough search was made harder as Ground Zero was a very wet bush, next to a busy road and next to a house. Muggle, Muggle, Muggle!

Our successful 5 varied in difficulty. One was under the shale possibly in this photo!

Somewhere under these stones...

Somewhere under these stones…

Another the GPS was awry and we found the cache by accident just as we were about to give up; the other 2 standard caches were very straightforward.

The fifth cache was a multi (stage) cache, set in memory of Pidgey the Budgerigar. We followed a trail as to where Pidgey might have flown including trees, stumps and worm spotting locations. At each new location we had the co-ordinates for the next, sometimes only yards from where we stood! At the final location we found a trackable, Huhnergott, which we will pass on soon.

Is this REALLY the path?

Is this REALLY the path?

An excellent morning’s caching working off the stupor of Christmas Day!


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