December 26 – Hühnergott


Hello, Mrs Hg137 here.

On our Boxing Day visit to Church Crookham, we picked up the Hühnergott trackable. This has come from Germany with a very simple mission, which is to bring happiness to all that find it. The previous cacher who held the trackable had thought carefully about its location … “Have placed in a cache that has a special meaning to me, I used to spend many hours here with my son when he was younger. It is by a stream in a forest” …

We have also thought of a suitable place where we can pass on the trackable. It will be at the cacher’s meet at Imber village on 29th December. Imber is a village which is now on military land and which is only accessible for 50 days each year, including at Christmas time. It lies in the midst of unspoilt countryside which contains much flora and fauna which has become rare elsewhere.

St. Giles Church, Imber

St. Giles Church, Imber


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